Relief Efforts for Cabo Victims of Hurricane Odile

Photo by Lynn Pierce. Used by permission.

“My book would not exist at all if it weren’t for Cabo and the people of Cabo, because that’s where the story all began,” says Patricia Walker, author of DANCE OF THE ELECTRIC HUMMINGBIRD.


There really hasn’t been much media attention to what happened down in Cabo recently. In fact, most people I talk to haven’t even heard about it. Hurricane Odile made a devastatingly direct hit in Cabo San Lucas, San Jose del Cabo, Todos Santos, La Paz and neighboring towns in Mexico on September 14, 2014.

Photo by Suset Esquivel Flores. Used by permission.

It affected people I know personally, and as of this writing, many still do not have electricity or water, nor can they return to their homes to determine if their homes are still standing.  The airport was severely damaged and remains closed, but according to local sources, it will be opening soon.

Cabo Arch

El Arco. Photo by Patricia Walker

When most of us think of Cabo San Lucas, it brings to mind the breath-taking, world-renowned arch or El Arco, extraordinary fishing, fancy hotels, vacations, beaches, sun and margaritas. And while those images do describe Cabo, it’s also true that there are some very poor people who live there. I have personally witnessed people living in cardboard shacks without plumbing.

Rich, poor or in-between, many lost everything they had. The wealthy can afford to rebuild, but I couldn’t just sit back and not do something to help the rest of these amazing people.

IMG_0136I have a bunch of books in my office right now, books I’ve purchased personally from my publisher, (yes, I have to buy my own books) so I’m donating the money from the sale of them to the people of Cabo, but my offer only applies to books purchased here, through my website because I have no control over or other outlets. In selling these books, it gives me the means to donate much more money than I could afford to donate on my own.

If you buy a book from my website, you’ll have to pay for shipping, but 100% of what you pay for the book will go to the people of Cabo. I will post which charity it’s going to so you’ll know exactly where your donations are going.

And, if nothing else, if I can help raise awareness of the devastation done to Baja California del Sur, perhaps more people will schedule their vacations there. The locals are working tirelessly to rebuild, and our vacation dollars are exactly what these people need right now to help them get back on their feet.

Cabo 10-2 & Fishing 008
Land’s End

Cabo will soon be back and better than ever, I have no doubt.

So please, even if you don’t feel moved to buy a book, please just do what you can. It all helps. (Obviously, it’s important to do your research before donating to any charity.)

And come experience the beauty and magic of Cabo San Lucas for yourself. Pictures don’t do it justice.

Thank you for your kind generosity.Dance of the Electric Hummingbird

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Because I personally know most of the people involved, current donations are being made to: Wicked Pizza Employees/Family at

(Important: ONLY books purchased through are eligible for the hurricane donation fund. Offer does not apply to books purchased through other outlets.)

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