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4/9/2017: Guest Appearance Live at Denver Near Death Studies Group

Patricia Walker gave a live presentation, followed by a Q & A session with members of Denver’s Near Death Studies Group. To watch Parts 1 and 2, click the following:


3/31/17: Guest Appearance on The Daily Author with host Richard Keller.

Wooden Pants Network Daily Author Pat Walker Sammy Hagar and Electric Hummingbirds

Today’s guest has written a memoir about a spiritual experience directly connected to rocker and former Van Halen frontman Sammy Hagar. Trust us, the story is well worth your listening time.

Questions Asked and Answered:

  • What is Dance of the Electric Hummingbird about?
  • Was it just Sammy’s influence which helped her write, or was it other spiritual connections?
  • How did her out of body experience differ from her previous life of Catholicism?
  • Have readers expressed similar sensations to you when they talked about the book?
  • How hard was it to put the experiences in words?
  • How did it go from manuscript to book format?
  • How did the Monroe Institute fit into her life shift after the book?

Daily Dose of Author Action: Writing is Spiritual


3/28/16: Co-host on Transitions to Transformation

Host Reverend Sue, Co-Host and Patricia Walker, Author of the book “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” interview Bruce Moen, Metaphysical Lecturer, Afterlife Workshop Facilitator and Author of “Voyages Into the Unknown”, “Voyages Beyond Doubt”, “Voyages Into The Afterlife”, “Voyage to Curiosity’s Father” and “Afterlife Knowledge Guidebook.” Bruce talks about the afterlife as well as gives information on his upcoming “Exploring The Afterlife Workshop” on April 22nd -24th at: The Courtyard Marriott 1200 Oakridge Drive Fort Collins, Colorado 80525.



6/23/15: Northern Colorado Writers Podcast #17: Spirituality and Sammy Hagar. Rich Keller Speaks with Patricia Walker.

NCW Podcast #17 delves into spirituality, mysticism, and classic rock artists. Patricia “Baja Rock” Walker is the author “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird”, a memoir which details her spiritual coming of age after watching a Sammy Hagar performance. During the interview Pat and Rich discuss how the book came about, how it changed her life, and who plays her in the movie.


5/9/13: Podcast of The Rachel Love Show on a2zen.fm

Please join host Rachel Love and me as we discuss “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird,” what I learned about my experiences and Sammy Hagar. Rachel’s wonderful sense of humor made this such a fun interview. Please excuse the dead-air space half-way through though; we became disconnected somehow. I’m not sure how this happened, as I was using headphones and was nowhere near the phone. Perhaps it was due to the great energy between Rachel and me. Could be! Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed chatting with Rachel.



11/29/12: Featured in the Loveland Reporter-Herald newspaper

Reporter Jessica Benes interviewed Patricia and wrote an article about Patricia’s book and her relationship to Sammy Hagar.



10/12/12:Guest appearance on Care2.com

With over 21 million subscribers, this site is geared toward making a difference in the world and healthy living.



8/27/12: Guest appearance on Inspire Me Today

It truly was an honor to have been invited and featured as a Luminary on this wonderful website.

Brilliance Article: http://www.inspiremetoday.com/archiveDisp.php?type=0&ref=1613

Podcast interview: http://www.inspiremetoday.com/archiveDisp.php?type=4&ref=1613


8/20/12: Guest appearance on The Irish Side of the Moon

“Patricia shares with us the dark years before this incident [her out of body experience during Sammy Hagar’s rock concert] and – as well describing in detail what happened to her in 2003 – she talks about the last year as she tries to make sense of the things that have been happening to her: psychic revelations, glimpses of past lives, and contact with angels and spirits. A truly amazing and personal story of self discovery and realization.” –The Irish Side of the Moon



7/22/12: Guest appearance on the Dave Alan Show

Dave’s humor and wit kept me on my toes (but I think I held my own pretty well!) as we discussed my out-of-body experience, spirituality, tequila, Sammy Hagar, and sex. Enjoy! (Two hour interview in two segments.)


4/24/12: Guest appearance on the Mancow Muller Radio Show

On this nationally syndicated radio program, ranked the number 4 top radio program in the country, Mancow asked Patricia Walker about sex, tequila, enlightenment and Sammy Hagar. It was a fun, light-hearted and fast-paced interview!

Click here: www.mancow.com


4/25/12: Podcast of “Living a Spiritual Life” with host Tina Sacchi

Click here to download Pat’s guest appearance:Tina Sacchi, or download via iTunes.


4/2/12: Podcast of Suzane Northrup Show

Please join internationally-acclaimed psychic medium Suzane Northrup and her guest Patricia Walker as they discuss how people sometimes become stuck in life and yet, continue to have a sense  that something is missing. What can be done about it?

Suzane and Patricia also discuss the roles that music and rock star Sammy Hagar played in Patricia’s mystical transformation. Says Suzane,

Music does transcend us… it has an effect on the kundalini, a direct effect on the sexual energy… Sammy is heavily, heavily, heavily into energy… he gives people a tremendous sense of the life force.


Listen here:

Listen to internet radio with Suzane Northrop on Blog Talk Radio



3/10/12: Podcast of Exploring Unexplained Phenomena
Join host Scott Colborn as he and Patricia discuss Pat’s abusive first marriage, Sammy Hagar, and what it’s like for an ordinary person to maintain an ordinary life after enlightenment.

Says Scott,

“Please join me for a conversation with first-time guest
Patricia Walker, author of “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird.” A press release says “this is a fascinating read combining the worlds of the metaphysical, spiritual awakening, sex, rock ‘n’ roll and Sammy Hagar.”

Listen here: e-u-p
Skip to the 35 minute mark to begin Patricia’s guest segment.


3/8/12: Podcast of The Donna Seebo Show

Link coming soon.


3/1/12: Podcast of In The Spirit

Host Gary Goldberg and Patricia discuss enlightenment and Sammy Hagar.

Listen here: In The Spirit


2/29/12: Podcast on Science for Life.

Join host Doug Parks and Patricia as they discuss sex, rock and roll and enlightenment.

Listen here: Science for Life


2/9/12: Podcast of Another Reality Show

Join host Golden Hawk as she and Patricia discuss in depth, Pat’s spiritual journey and its implications for the average person. Says Goldie, “Pat is the poster child for the ordinary person!”

Listen here:  Another Reality Show
1/30/12: Podcast of Living a Spiritual Life

Host Tina Sacchi interviews Patricia to discuss her new book on www.TinaSacchi.com


1/24/12: Podcast of Planetary Spirit

Host Jeff Ferrannini reads excerpts from Patricia’s book on the air, expounds on Patricia’s portrayal of Sammy Hagar who, despite his role as a legendary rock star, also has a deeply spiritual and caring side, and then moves on to discuss the implications Dance of the Electric Hummingbird has for the ordinary person in today’s world. Says Ferrannini,

Dance of the Electric Hummingbird is probably going to open the doorway to a lot of people who wouldn’t be approaching this at all if you didn’t open that door and say ‘here’s another way of looking at it.’ And it’s not a holier-than-thou-type of perspective … it’s so natural, so down-to-earth, so unabashedly personal and honest that I really would find it hard to believe for most people who take the book and at least get to page 60 to not take it to heart.

This book has so many surprises for me. You’re very open and honest and playful about your sexuality.  It almost feels like an innocent person who’s awakening to that … and they’re surrendering in the moment to what feels good and pleasurable and we get taken along for the ride. Not in a dirty or titillating kind of way. It’s more like you present it like it’s something sacred: ‘This is my awakening to something so much deeper to what a human being is really all about.’

The honesty that you bring into this, it gives people permission to be themselves and to also embrace their spirit as a beautiful thing as opposed to something that needs to be bridled and controlled.”

To hear more, please visit: http://www.planetary-spirit.com/Guests/248_PatriciaWalker%20.html


1/24/12: Podcast on Van Halen Nation

Patricia would like to extend a heartfelt “Thank you!” to the fine people at Van Halen Nation as she was recently honored to have been invited to be the very first guest on their brand new radio program. Van Halen Nation features videos, interviews, photos, live appearances–even a store which is offering Patricia’s book, “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” for sale–and much more–all dedicated to the mighty Van Halen.

Please click here to listen:

Listen to internet radio with PapaDon on Blog Talk Radio


1/16/12: Podcast of Mystical Cruise

Please join host Robert Sharpe of Blogtalk Radio’s “Mystical Cruise” as he and Patricia Walker discuss Patricia’s new book Dance of the Electric Hummingbird, the meaning of Pat’s mystical experiences, and what she hopes to accomplish by sharing her most unusual and fascinating story.

Listen here:  Blogtalk Radio


12/22/11: Aquarius Magazine Features Excerpt from Dance of the Electric Hummingbird

Aquarius Magazine recently devoted an entire front page to Pat’s book, Dance of the Electric Hummingbird, including an excerpt detailing Pat’s out-of-body experience during a rock concert by Sammy Hagar.

Read the article here: Aquarius-Atlanta


12/20/11: “Best of You Today” Features Article on Patricia Walker and Spiritual Enlightenment

In the article “See How Spiritual Enlightenment Came Looking for Patricia Walker,” Best of You Today discusses Pat’s awakening in an intimate interview, beginning with her out-of-body experience at a rock concert by Sammy Hagar and emphasizing how these things can sometimes happen when we least expect it.

Listen here: BestofYouToday


The December 2011 issue of Asana Journal features an interview with Pat Walker on her new book Dance of the Electric Hummingbird.

It was an honor to be interviewed recently by the international voice on yoga and spirituality.   -Pat Walker, Asana Journal

Read the article here: Asana Journal


12/8/11: Guest Appearance on David McMillian’s “Strategies for Living”

Join host and family therapist David McMillian as he and Patricia discuss Dance of the Electric Hummingbird on “Strategies For Living.” David wove some of Sammy Hagar’s songs into the broadcast. Listen here: Strategies For Living


12/8/11: Guest Appearance on “Positively Incorrect Radio” with Scott Cluthe

Scott Cluthe's Positively Incorrect! Radio

Host Scott Cluthe and Pat Walker discuss Pat’s new book, Dance of the Electric Hummingbird, focusing on Pat’s escape from an abusive marriage in her early 20s, to–as Cluthe put it, “a rock and roll mama” befriended by rock star Sammy Hagar–and the roles that mysticism, religion, sex, and God played in Pat’s incredible journey to self-realization. To listen, please click the photo above.


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