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Read the book? Have questions for the author? Here are a few that I get quite often. Please feel free to post yours as well.

A lot of things in your book seem hard to believe. How can these things really happen to someone?

All the incidents in “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” are absolutely true. In fact, there were so many, that it just wasn’t possible to include them all in the book.

I don’t blame anyone for questioning whether any of it really happened; I think asking questions is a sign of intelligence, and I, myself, questioned what was going on every step of the way. But since the incidents were so unusual, that’s why I wanted to tell my story because, as the saying goes, sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

How can they really happen? For years, I looked for scientific and/or logical explanations and I worked very hard at trying to remain objective and stay as grounded in reality as possible. And while I did encounter theories that offered viable explanations, I ultimately came to the conclusion that my entire journey was about discovering then implementing my definition of what is real and what is important in life (perhaps to someone else, that might mean something completely different–and there’s nothing wrong with that), so maybe having scientific justification was not the most important part of my journey. What I choose to believe is much more powerful than any amount of scientific “proof” anyway. Have you ever tried to change someone’s mind who feels passionate about something, like politics, for instance? You can show them all the scientific evidence in the world that disproves their theory, but it’s not likely to alter their opinion one bit. And I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, but it’s a whole different topic, so I won’t get into that here.

What I am saying though, is that our minds and spirits are much more powerful than we realize and we ALWAYS have a choice of what to believe. We’re also free to change our beliefs as we mature and learn. I’ve done that a lot on this journey.

The best explanation I can come up with to describe what happened to me is that my soul was ready to receive the message. It was delivered to me in the precise manner I needed to hear it. Each person’s spiritual needs are different, therefore our means of “hearing” the message will be as different as we are. It is also not necessary that anyone else agrees with what we choose to believe; what matters most is that each person discovers his or her own path to the truth.

Did you ever have things happen to you before this Cabo experience?

I had a few things happen but nothing even close to what opened up for me after my out-of-body experience in Cabo, and if something unusual did happen, I never gave it much thought; I always dismissed it as just my imagination. It didn’t even dawn on me what those previous incidents were until after I had the experience during Sammy’s concert in 2003. And when I decided to write a book about it, that’s when I went back and read my journals from almost ten years earlier, only to find that some of those old entries described some pretty strange visions that made no sense at the time. But in retrospect, they made perfect sense.

Did stuff like sharing past lives with Sammy Hagar ever happen to you before all this?

No. I didn’t discount the possibility of reincarnation but I never had any reason to investigate it before. Again, when I started putting my book together and I looked back on my journals, I saw that the visions I had during meditation all those years ago, were premonitions of what was to come and glimpses of past lives, but I wasn’t even sure I believed in that sort of stuff at the time they happened to me. Do I believe in them now? Oh, yes.

It just all seems too “over the top” for me to fully understand.

Me too. There is so much more to life than meets the eye. And I’ve just been given a taste. I think when we stop trying so hard to force ourselves to understand with our ego-mind, (which has us absolutely convinced that it is never wrong) and we begin to listen with our hearts, that’s when our truth can reveal itself. Can you “prove” that love exists? No. You can see the results of love, but to my knowledge, there is no mathematical equation that proves unequivocally that love exists or what it is.

Have you and Sammy ever actually sat down and talked about your experience? Do you have a personal relationship with him because of all this?

For lack of a better word, I guess you could say that we have a sort of “relationship” because he obviously knows who I am and he has played a big role in my life of his own choosing. And yet, I’m still just a fan. (Although I definitely wasn’t when all this started.) I have never sat down and talked to him about this, but we have directly communicated through letters, emails, or in passing. It’s a tough situation (for me) to have to deal with all of this in the first place, much less having the involvement of a big star. For one thing, I can’t just call him on the phone and talk to him like I might be able to do if he were my next-door neighbor.

And then there’s the whole “fan” thing. For a long time, I struggled with calling myself that. I thought that if I allowed myself to be somebody’s “fan,” I was giving up control  over my life. But over the years, I‘ve come to accept that I really love how Sammy’s music makes me feel, and his concerts are just so much fun; plus, I’ve seen a little bit of what a cool person he really is, so I guess that makes me a “fan” and I’m okay with it now. While I would dearly love to talk to him about all this, I’m also fine with where I am. He’s done so much for me–much more than I ever could have imagined, much more than most celebrities would do, I’m sure–and for that I will forever be grateful. 

Does your husband believe in your experiences now as time has gone on?

He’s become more accepting of mystical stuff than he used to be, although he might disagree with me on that! Everything that has happened has changed him in certain ways too because when one person changes, it forces the other in a relationship to change as well. For instance, I hear words coming out of his mouth that he never would have considered uttering before, words like “mystical experience.” So does he believe in my experiences? It’s like turning on a light switch—you can see that the light bulb is glowing and the room lighting up even if you can’t explain how that actually happens or whether or not you believe it’s possible.







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  1. I just finished reading Dance of the Electric Hummingbird. First off I loved the book. Second, I have been writing a novel for the past three years that is similar in ways, Here is a brief synopsis of my novel.. My birth name was Sarah and I was born a slave in New Orleans in 1819. I was sold into prostitution at the age of eleven. I was given the name of Sunflower. I died in New York City in 1869.. In my novel I write about her lifetime and how in this my present life,I have been given litterly hundreds of messages sent to me through sychronictic coincedences, readings, meditation, prayers, past life hypnotic regression,music, and spiritual photographs that helped me to realize my former life. My Spirit Guide is John Ono Lennon. I also believe he was one of my twin sons. I am also a very loyal fan of Eric Burdon. I adore the man his life and times. He has also, contributed to my beliefs ,although Unlike Sammy he is very difficult to communicate with. Eric is a very private person. I have seen Eric in concert to many times to count. Like Pat I have felt that invisible magic between the perfomer and the artist. As Eric once described in an interview, it is a special mystical place that exsists and comes about while on stage through music. For many reasons. I desperatly need advise because I want to get my book out. Like Dance ot the Electric Hummingbird, I know I have some important messages to convey to humanity. A message of hope, peace and continuence of life. I guess I’m hoping that Sammy knows Eric and can maybe be of some help. I have no problem with letting Eric read my manusript. I will honor him in every way.
    Please write me back. In peace and in hope for a great 2021 Sherry White.

    PS although Pat is prettier than I am, we look alike. I think I’m a bit older though. I am turning 60 in a couple of weeks. I have a face book page in which I think Patricia will find the tee shirt I am wearing interesting. This photo was taken in September of 2012.

    • Thank you for your kind words, Sherry! I’m so very glad you liked my book. And yours sounds fascinating as well. I can’t wait to read it.

      I’m not really sure what you’re asking me, but if you’re asking for advice on how to contact Mr. Burdon, I would say that if he is as difficult to communicate with as you say, I would assume that he wants it that way, and no matter how altruistic and sincere our intentions, since you and I are not part of the celebrity’s inner circle, we must respect their right to privacy. (This is not to say that it can’t happen. Please keep reading…)

      I’m not part of Sammy’s inner circle either—I’m kind of on the periphery. I figure if he wanted to invite me in further, he would, but I’m fine with where I am too—our worlds are so very different. The only time I talk to him is in passing or through letters. I’ve never sat down with him and discussed the meaning of life over a margarita, although I’d sure like to! But then, so would thousands of other people. I’ve also had quite a few people ask me to ask Sammy to do stuff for them, and even if I did have that ability, which I don’t, it would be impossible for him to accommodate everyone. As it is, he does the best he can, which is often more than a lot of celebrities do.

      From a writer’s standpoint then, when you’re dealing with famous people, as you know, it’s a whole different ballgame, not as easy as talking to your next-door neighbor over the fence. As you may recall, I addressed this issue in my book. It’s immensely frustrating to be sure, but here’s what I discovered; here’s the secret: all you and I can do in a situation like this is to take the focus off the celebrity and put it on ourselves and the message we want to convey to the world (where it really belongs anyway because it’s YOUR story or MY story—not Eric’s or Sammy’s—they have their own stories). And if and when his physical role manifests in your life, it will only serve to enhance what YOU have accomplished with the help of his music and his spirit and the way it transformed you. Does this make sense? I understand how badly you want to share this with him; it was the same for me with Sammy. And yet when I sent Sammy that first letter, I told myself that he probably wouldn’t even see it much less read it, and I accepted that. But I’m also a firm believer in “if you put it out there and start taking steps in the direction your life is meant to go, things will automatically fall into place.” And that’s precisely what happened to me.

      Although it may seem like a contradiction, I had to learn to let go in order to gain “control” of my life. So that would be my advice to you as well, since you asked—let your story, your book, your writing, your passion—that mystical place you described that you feel in the music—take you where you’re meant to go. Trust me, it will. And it will be even more wonderful than you ever could have dreamed of! New opportunities will open up for you because of it. And who knows? Maybe Mr. Burdon will “magically” appear in your life because of it. It’s very likely because the intention is already set in motion. Hope that makes sense.

      As a side note, when I read your letter, I couldn’t help but think that I should recommend Jewelle St. James’ book “All You Need is Love,” about her past life with John Lennon. I interviewed her on my blog about a year ago. You can read it here on my website. Good stuff.

      As far as the actual publishing of your book, assuming this is your first book, my recommendation would be to write it to the best of your ability (or as I mentioned above, let it write itself!), get someone to edit it for you and then start sending out query letters to agents and publishers, attend writer’s conferences and pitch your book to agents there. Or you could self-publish. In Colorado there’s a wonderful organization called CIPA (Colorado Independent Publishers Association) that offers lots of resources to self-published authors—from shaping your story to finding the best printer and/or distributor for your needs. I bet your state has something similar, or you could contact CIPA at and ask them to recommend a similar organization near you.

      In any case, I wish you all the best with your book. Just let the spirit of Eric’s music (and your Higher Self and the spirit of John Lennon) guide you and you can’t go wrong. And please don’t ever give up on your dream! (I sense an urgency in your voice and believe me, I get it–send me a PM by clicking “Contact Me” on the bottom of the home page if you want.) I look forward to reading your book. Please let me know when it’s published, and thanks again for writing! Hope I’ve been of some help.

      Kindest regards,
      Baja Rock Pat

    • Thank you so very much, Eileen! This is definitely something I am working on for the future. Please keep checking back and when I get a chance, I will post some poetry.

  2. G’day Pat,
    I’ve almost finished your book. Have you read Whitley Strieber’s book “Communion” plus the other related books ? They have similar themes to your book. Also, thanks for letting me know about Sammy’s single “Open”, if I didn’t read your book, I’d never have known about this song. I just heard it on YouTube, what a great song !

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