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May 11, 2015:

For anyone that hasn’t read this yet, I urge you to! This book saved my life. Literally. And that is no joke. I emailed Pat Walker right after finishing it, to let her know what her story meant to me. Her story is an amazing journey. Love that girl!   –Kat Swicegood


March 27, 2012:

Hey Pat,

I write to tell you that I just read your book and it was awesome.
Now I’m a huge fan of many things but have never written to
celebrities/authors/sports personalities/TV/radio stations etc but
something is telling me that I should write to you.

I got into Van Halen around the same time as you – back in 2003,
when I was 19 and I’m a big, big fan of Sammy’s four studio albums
with the band. Around that time I started to have awakening
experiences (although I very much did not know what they were) which
have caused some huge confusion in my life (similar to yourself) with many
anxieties arising within me over the material world-spiritual world

Some strange things happened when I was reading your book – it was
almost as if the book, in parts, was speaking directly to me whilst I read.
Writing them down now they seem extremely insignificant, but at the time
it was as though something was speaking to me, and I’m trying still trying
to decipher the signs that were presented to me, but I know they were

The chapter on the death of your parents and how we deal with death felt
like a personal coaching session on death to me. The night before I got
to that chapter a friend of mine died unexpectedly, then the next day I
read your chapter and you write about your parent’s death/the different
perspectives on death that different cultures have and how it’s actually
nothing to fear have helped me greatly through this sad time. Death for
me is a hard pill to swallow – I am still struggling to mourn my
grandmother who died 3 years ago and I’ve tried many things to help me
release the anger/sadness (including yoga, meditation, even went to Peru
to attend an ayahuasca ceremony with a Shaman where they make you face
the death of your ego). The Tibetan Book Of The Dead is now next on my
reading list (after Autobiography of a Yogi which I have just started
upon your/Sammy’s recommendation).

The other thing is to do with my vocation – I’m trying to get my own
rock ‘n’ roll band off the ground and get some success but am struggling with
lineup changes (namely our singers) which prevent us from really giving
it our best shot. I’m a drummer and am battling social/parental pressures
(similar to the way you have done) to give up the music and get a
“professional” job (lawyer, accountant etc), as is usually demanded from
someone with my education/upbringing. I am now filled with anxieties
being 28 and still trying to get my band up and running i.e. following my
heart and dreams, and facing practicality/reality. Your transition to finding
your voice as a writer, later on in your life, along with Sammy’s words
of celebrating every part of who you are, were most inspiring.

About halfway through reading your book whilst walking around my local
streets of South London (I have it on my Kindle App on my iPhone), I
looked up and was completely lost in an area I have lived in most of my life. I
soon realised I was on Bonham Street (as in John Bonham, drummer of Led
Zeppelin). I find my way to the next road I know and see “Sammy’s
Supermarket” in front of me, having never realised it was there. I
literally started crying as I was so moved, and knew that something was
speaking to me through your book, Sammy Hagar and the surrounding area I
was in. It sounds so crazy, and like it’s just a coincidence as I write
this down and email it to a stranger – but I’m getting choked up
remembering it as something deeper is speaking to me.

Anyway I need to shoot off to work now but I felt I had to write to you
so thanks for reading.

Best wishes,
Rupert Hazell
London, UK


March 14, 2012:

And so what can I say to you to thank you for being brave enough to write this?

Words really cannot get deep enough to describe the emotions I felt reading about your journey. I love that it was through music that you found great stepping stones to a higher place. I know. I understand. I have experienced it myself. Music is prayer, its pure when played by an enlightened artist. Music IS God.

Sammy is a gifted musician- he is enlightened. There are a lot of great musicians but few are enlightened. Eddie – in his early days – before drugs took over – was enlightened- and he and Sammy on stage together was phenomenal. You could tap into the love-the energy-the light. It was cosmic.

The first time I heard Sammy sang “where Eagle Fly” I cried! In an audience of screaming crazy VH fans- I was crying and clutching my heart. It was a spiritual moment for me, and I still feel that way when I play the song.

When I read his book- I felt validated! Amazing how some of us don’t get it until later in life but he just hit the ground running!!

And now I feel connected to you and will read some of your references in your book to learn more. See Pat? That’s how it works. We are all connected!

You referenced Flicker birds- I never heard of them before, but the next day after reading your book, WNPR did a story about Flickers, and as I am listening in my car, stopped at the light, an Eagle Hawk (closest thing we have to bald eagles) flys down and rests his beautiful clawed feet on the lamp post directly in front of my car. Hmmm, amazing!

Rock on Pat- some day our paths will cross. The divinity in me recognizes the divinity in you. Peace.                                                                                 –Eileen Correia


February 25, 2012:

Hi Pat, I just finished reading your book and loved it, couldn’t put it down. I was leaving for a family reunion in Puerto Vallarta Mexico and was looking for a book to read on the flight. I happened to come across your book in the grocery store and thought it looked like and interesting read.

What an experience you had in Cabo, Wow! I myself have never ever had anything happen to me as far as spiritual experiences go, don’t even think about these things, I do almost question alot of things in your book, because it just seem so unreal and how can these things happen to someone.

Did you ever have things happen to you in the past before this Cabo experience? And Sammy Hagar being in your past lives? Is just all seems over the top for me to fully understand. You didn’t mention in your book if you and Sammy ever actually sat down and talked about your experience and if you today have a personal relationship because of this experience. Your husband also, does he believe in your experiences now as time has gone on?

Thank you for a great read Pat! Wishing you all the best in your life Journey!!     –Faye


January 24, 2012:

Dance of the Electric Hummingbird is probably going to open the doorway to a lot of people who wouldn’t be approaching this at all if you didn’t open that door and say ‘here’s another way of looking at it.’ And it’s not a holier-than-thou-type of perspective … it’s so natural, so down-to-earth, so unabashedly personal and honest that I really would find it hard to believe for most people who take the book and at least get to page 60 to not take it to heart.

“This book has so many surprises. You’re very open and honest and playful about your sexuality.  It almost feels like an innocent person who’s awakening to that … and they’re surrendering in the moment to what feels good and pleasurable and we get taken along for the ride. Not in a dirty or titillating kind of way. It’s more like you present it like it’s something sacred: ‘This is my awakening to something so much deeper to what a human being is really all about.’

“The honesty that you bring into this, it gives people permission to be themselves and to also embrace their spirit as a beautiful thing as opposed to something that needs to be bridled and controlled.”                        –Jeff Ferrannini, Host of Planetary Spirit Radio


November 13, 2011:

I just picked up your book from Barnes and Noble – this is my first exposure to you as I have never visited your website before.

I am not sure why I am writing this now.  I have just started the book – I am on Chapter 6 Awakening the Sleeping Giant.  So I don’t know the rest of the story yet.

I am almost 51 years old and have been on my search for over 30 years since I went through a tough period in college.  I have never given up.  Yet I also don’t think I have made much progress.  Detail isn’t necessary – life is just hard.

Given the content of the book so far, I can’t say that I am expecting any answers – you are not lecturing – you are telling your story.

However, I have loved your story so far.  And the fact that you had your reborn experience kinda out of the blue is inspirational somehow.  I don’t think I am inline to have my own experience this time around but I love knowing it happens sometimes.

Again – not sure why I felt impelled to write you.  Just inspired so far.

Thanks – Brian


December 7, 2011:

I just listened to your Podcast with David McMillan…well done!  You sounded on-point, measured, credible and truly inspired in a non-hyped way!  Your presence was wonderful — It is great to see you out there making waves in the world with your truths.

Best regards,



December 17, 2011:

I just finished the book and I loved it. I am not a reader, I have only Red a handful of books, so for me to finish a book, it had to be good and well written. You have had quite the journey my friend. Congrats on a job well done!                             –Phyllis


December 22, 2011:

I’ve finished your wonderful Dance of the Electric Hummingbird. Its the first book I’ve had a highlighter pen handy. Pat, I really had no idea what your book would be about, other than Sammy. It was excellent. My favorite line was “F-you red towel.” Truly. The birds, your parents, your trip to the mountains, your first husband, your insights through the works of others, great stuff. And Sammy…… Your book is one of the better books I’ve read in a long long time. I’ll be passing this book on again, recommending people buy it, not borrow it. Thank you for writing this true work of art.                                                   –J. S. J.


January 21, 2012:

Just finished your book, love it, telling my friends. I am on my journey but will reach as far as you have as quickly as you have. Thank you, thank you for sharing!!             –Arlene


January 25, 2012:

Just finished your book, wonderful and inspirational.  I was looking for another great book to read as I am in my slow season for my cafe and I walked into Canadian Superstore and saw hundreds of new books, pick up one, read the back, put in down, walked around the other side of the table, pick up your book, didn’t read the cover or back, threw it into my shopping cart and finished my shopping. I knew that I picked the right book whatever it was about.

I have spent a entire life time searching for myself through spiritual teachings and found pieces everywhere and only in the last 5-6 years put together the picture of my truth.

I live the most joy filled life, as I too have created one of the most delicious journeys and live to tell about it.  Your story was a message that filled my heart to remembering to hold that space of love and watch the magic become normal. I have co-created with the Universe a space that is so sacred (my little coffee shop- Angel’s Cappuccino & Ice Cream Cafe)  and am gifted daily the joy of spreading my joyful peanut butter all over those that become part of this experience I call my life.  I have been feeling for a long time now that I am going to create larger gatherings of sharing what is working and I am very excited for what is yet to come and not attached to whatever that is.  I have made so many changes in my life and embrace them all and your story was a clear message from myself through you to what that really means.

I was just sitting down to my by-weekly newsletter writing the unedited editorial (always unedited J) and talking about how long it has been since a spiritual books has been my desire as I don’t feel like I am seeking any longer, then I picked up your book.  SO AWESOME, MADE ME SMILE FROMTHE INSIDE OUT.    We will never get it done and we are forever expanding to a new place, so relax and love the journey.  So COOL.  I am a huge believer that contrast creates the expansion of the larger side of ourselves and the easier we are with it the more joy we experience on the opposite side of the experience.  I so enjoy being a cliff jumper (although I am told I never jump from a metaphorical cliff without knowing I can fly).  I am now fearless and unhurtable from this new place of being and that my beliefs are simply practiced thoughts that I create as truth until they don’t serve me any longer, and God knows those have changed over the last 50 years of my life.

I am a mother of three, wife- of Many (married and divorced a few times ;) )married to one now.  Step mom to two and foster mom to one, all grown.  I have three amazing granddaughters (one I am assisting to love from our home) and a fourth coming in May.  I chose the roles that I have explained as well as run a great little cafe, online newsletter, naturopathic remedies business, spiritual cinema,  Vortex Coaching (life coach), Birth Coach and my loves go on as I am inspired.  I am truly being drawn to share in larger gatherings of conversations of life and love as well as all of these things.  I wrote my first book many years ago now, (Calgary’s Own Pathway Angels) and I have not decided on how to put together my life story as writing is NOT ONE OF MY LOVES.

I wanted to thank you again for following your heart not your head to this amazing place of sharing.  MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU.

With much love and light,

Cathy Jacobs


Feb. 8, 2012:

I traveled through the pages of Patricia’s book, “The Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” with great anticipation, wondering where her journey would lead and how she’d cope with the seemingly strange occurrences one encounters along such a life adventure. Her story of discovery, confusion, denial, acceptance, and finally transformation is important to all of us. Why? Simply because, as she states, she is an ordinary person, struggling with ‘everyday’ troubles, who finds an incredible place of peace, knowledge and love. Often we hear similar stories of celebrities, religious figures, and other “deserving” souls and we wonder, “How does that happen?” Then we conclude that they must be pre-ordained to receive their special message from on high.

But that is not the truth, and Pat’s story is a shining example that anyone, or even all of us, are capable of being touched by the divine. There are no requirements or trials one must endure to become eligible for such a journey. It can happen to anyone, anywhere.

The resonance of her soul and her ensuing growth, both spiritually and personally, is but one experience amongst many. Her odyssey began in a foreign country, amidst a crowd of strangers who were crammed into a bar to listen to a rock-and-roll legend. Others have found their contemplative solace elsewhere. Mine took place in a canyon while fly fishing a favorite river.

Our two pilgrimages could not have been any more different. While Pat wasn’t actively searching, I believed that another realm existed and was accessible to mankind. She was hundreds of miles from home; I was only twenty minutes away. Hers includes a famous personality—a relationship that continues to this day—while mine was solitary. But despite those, and many other differences, the encompassing tranquility left from our moments of what I can only describe as divine surreality, brings a wonderful bond of kinship. It does not surprise me in the least bit, that after our distinctly different sojourns, we’ve ended up living less than 15 miles from each other, joining the same writing organization and finally, meeting as friends.

As difficult as it is, Pat does well to describe an indefinable occurrence; one that asks no questions because the answers are already there; the infinite and deep feeling of love and acceptance; and relating the knowing that what is happening is the reality of our true souls. Reading her journey won’t tell you where to start looking, or even where you can find your own slice of heaven, but it will show you that you can, and what you might expect when you get there.

Enjoy the ride!

–Dean Miller,



5.0 out of 5 stars Dance of the Electric Hummingbird, February 23, 2012

By E. Patterson

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

I found Pat Walker’s book Dance of the Electric Hummingbird intense. To experience what she did had to be riviting to say the least. It really made me think of the possibilities of supernatural encounters and their affects. I’ll definately have to read this one again!

E. Patterson


5.0 out of 5 stars Great book, February 23, 2012
By Sukigirl517

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

This was a fast read and touched a lot in me. Made me remember my own life’s experiences and how we can lose ourselves in wife, mother and breadwinner roles. I thought her experiences and the fact that she questioned whether they really were happening, and then her process to get to the point of believing were well thought out. I would recommend this book to anyone to read, but particularly to anyone whose life has gone in a different direction than they had anticipated when they were young. Enlightenment does not need to happen at a rock concert, it can be anywhere if you take the time to look.


5.0 out of 5 stars fascinating journey, February 12, 2012
By Harriet Klausner – (#1 Hall OF FAME REVIEWER)

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

In 2003 in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Dee and Pat Walker enter the Cabo Wabo Cantina to hear owner Sammy Hager perform. Ironically she never heard of the famous rock musician former Van Halen fame who has been playing for three decades plus. However, his performance triggers thoughts of dreams long forgotten by Pat as she feels she floated away from her body onto a white light of euphoria. Pat believes she found her lost soul and God. This is the beginning of her enlightenment journey into the enigmatic psychic realm. Pat envisions past lives and meets angels and otherworldly essences while fearing she has lost her mind. Desperate she returns to Sammy Hagar who tries to act as her guide into what neither can explain or understand; only accept that music is a path to the enlightenment of being.

Most readers including me will begin with at best skeptical scorn that a rock musician’s performance instead of just getting you to dance to the music is the path to understanding life and beyond. Those of us who open our closed mind will find a fascinating journey whether you believe in the magic of the music or not. Like Patricia Walker, I thought initially she was a lunatic and would stop reading early on; but to her credit she makes a passionate case that music triggered the beginning of her inner quest for harmony. Fans, even some of us who remain doubting Thomasinas, will appreciate Ms. Walker’s engaging and encouraging Dance of the Electric Hummingbird as music is a healer so why not an impetus to the search for one’s inner soul.

Harriet Klausner


5.0 out of 5 stars I’m inspired, January 27, 2012
By Nancy S. Peralta (Longview, TX)
This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

I received Dance of the Electric Hummingbird after I had heard an interview with Pat on my local AM radio station. I was moved first, by how similiar our story is. Same Catholic background, which for most of us left us searching for so much more. The ongoing search for that one thing in the Universe that we can grab hold of and ride, like gliding on the tailfeathers of a soaring eagle. While my personal search continues, the book has opened my eyes in an inspirational sort of way… I actually thought I would get something a little different when I bought the book. The fact is, I got so much MORE. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pat for writing such a piece, I will be forever changed for having read “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird”

Chip Peralta
Lake Cherokee, TX

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read….., January 5, 2012
By Mare
This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)
As a mother, wife and fan of rock music, this book really touched my heart and soul. I spent the last two afternoons curled up on the couch soaking up each and every word. The book is very well written and is quite moving and inspirational. The writer conveyed her experiences in a way that even if you don’t believe in mystical events, her words leave you pondering. I found myself within many of the pages. I have felt and experienced similar type things over the years but brushed these aside as more of a strange fluke, odd occurrence or just the state of mind I was in at the time, however, this book has made me realize I need to become more open and aware. Dance of the Electric Hummingbird made me laugh and it made me cry – it made me stop and think about life, God, spirits and myself but most of all it gave me the thumbs up to keep on enjoying, loving and celebrating life to it’s fullest!! What a great read! This book ROCKS! Well done Pat!
5.0 out of 5 stars Page turner – Remarkable Journey!!!!  November 21, 2011
By Wyoming mom

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

What an remarkable journey. As told by anyone else it wouldn’t feel so genuine. The book has an energy that makes you want to keep reading. Her descriptions are extraordinary and evoke all the reader’s senses. I am a Sammy Hagar fan and attend all the shows in Cabo. Pat’s literary imagery takes me back in an instant. Thanks Pat!!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Electric Reading!!  November 11, 2011
By Ms. T

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

Pat is so vivid in her descriptions of concerts and other experiences that I feel like I’ve been there myself!! Her book is an exhilarating and thought provoking journey into unchartered territory!! An amazing and thrilling trip!!


5.0 out of 5 stars Wonderful Weaving of Rock ‘n’ Roll and Spirituality, December 23, 2011 By Laura Faeth “author of I Found All the Parts:…

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

An average woman goes on an incredible spiritual journey prompted by a fateful encounter with a famous rock musician. It sounds like something too unusual to be true, but it happened to Pat Walker, and it changed her life. Reading”Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” might change the way you look at life as well.

Pat takes the reader on a wonderful joy-ride into her exploration of the metaphysical after seeing rock musician Sammy Hagar in concert. The concert catapulted her onto an uncharted path brimming with synchronicity and spiritual themes. With a refreshingly honest voice, we are privy to Pat’s innermost thoughts as she desperately tries to make sense of all of the amazing things/insights happening to her. Skeptical that all of the synchronicities really have deeper meaning, she ultimately grasps that everything/everyone is connected…and that music can be a portal into this unseen web.

Overall, “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” is a fast-paced, well written account of one woman’s powerful transformation from being ordinary to embracing the extraordinary. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in self-growth and the life-changing impact music can have on our lives.

5.0 out of 5 stars For Anyone on a Spiritual Journey January 4, 2012
By Lesley L.

This review is from: Dance of the Electric Hummingbird (Paperback)

Pat shows that spirituality can be found anywhere, even in the most unexpected of places (in her case, the heart of rock n’ roll)! Her words weave a journey that is both inspiring and moving. For anyone on a spiritual journey of their own she offers up her unique experiences for others to learn from, as well as the encouragement to keep exploring. The raw, open, uninhibited nature of her writing makes for an addictive read!


For ordering information, please visit one of the following outlets or ask for DANCE OF THE ELECTRIC HUMMINGBIRD at your favorite local bookstore. And thank you for your interest. (DANCE OF THE ELECTRIC HUMMINGBIRD is available in paperback and Kindle and Nook editions.)


If you happen to be vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, DANCE OF THE ELECTRIC HUMMINGBIRD can also be purchased in the gift shop at Sammy Hagar’s Cabo Wabo Cantina – THE VERY PLACE WHERE PATRICIA’S MAGICAL JOURNEY FIRST BEGAN! –

7 thoughts on “Readers’ Comments

  1. Hi Pat,

    I’m not sure if you’ll remember me, but I met you at Sammy’s concert in Cabo on Oct 7th. You did me a great service and led me by hand through the throng to the bathroom! Without you I would never had made it back to get the high five from Sammy:) (To see that concert was a bucket list wish – that over-flowed my bucket). I felt your wonderful spirit at that concert, and am very happy you had given me your brochure for your book. I just finished it. It was truly wonderful, you’re a terrific writer.

    Your book touched me a lot, and as I sat thinking about you I nearly didn’t bother writing this to you, as I really don’t do this sort of thing, but decided to take your message to heart and do it anyway.
    Some parallels I’ve experienced as you have are, well, I won’t say amazing or astonishing because that would indicate I thought they weren’t possible. They certainly are synchronicities, however. I was raised Catholic as well and swallowed the dogma whole – I lived in fear of sin and felt guilt for everything I did. Guilt is still a major issue in my life to overcome. When I turned 30 I had an awakening. It was beyond an “a-ha” moment, it was like I had woken up, and the last 30 years were a dream. I didn’t even realize I could question what I was taught to believe. I felt like my brainwashed brain had been sparked back to life.

    The changes that I experienced at that point were profound. Although it’s hard to explain (although I think you’ll understand), I don’t really remember much of my life before that. It’s all fuzzy. People will remind me of memorable times but they’re not clear at all. My family (mostly my parents) and some friends have said I’ve changed so much I’m not the same person. I could not even recognize myself at times.

    I began meditating, and have had some incredible experiences ever since. It’s been ten years now, and my intuition has developed a lot. I’ve read everything I can get my hands on spiritually and esoterically, and when something is meant to shift, it will become available to me. I’ve run the gamut from Mother God to agnosticism to just the good ol’ Universe and finally where I am is…. I AM. I loved that you had that in your book. I have it tattooed on my wrist. People will ask me what it means and no-one gets it.

    Since all this I’ve also had the worst health experience of my life. Another lesson served to live life to the fullest. Hence the bucket list trip to Cabo. Sammy’s voice touches my soul. He can bring me out of misery and indeed, lift me higher. He is a gift.

    I wanted you to know that sharing your story and experiences and being so open and raw with them is a great service to anyone out there who may not understand what is happening to them or it might even serve to be that conduit that opens their spirit. I love that like attracts like, and I love that I was drawn to your space so you could share your experiences with me, too.

    Thanks so much, and all the best to you. Keep happy and keep writing!


    • Dear Jody,

      Thank you so very much for posting your wonderful comment. I am truly humbled and honored by your kind words.

  2. it can’t be overstated, I read this book and I am forever changed. My journey continues but I feel more direction than I ever have before… what a gift I received, thanks Pat

  3. Pat, I just finished your book and love it! What an adventure and I can understand how you must have felt when trying to understand all of it – I am so grateful you had the courage to put it in writing. I believe many people are starting to awaken and are afraid and confused. Your book will help guide them – bless you and I can’t wait to read your second one.

    Enjoy and share the journey, Jojo

    • Thank you for writing, Jojo! Have you ever had an OBE or anything similar? How did you hear about “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird?” Indeed, I’m running into more and more people who have had similar experiences. Isn’t it wonderful? I’m also working on content for workshops to be able to teach people some of the concepts in my book because I believe that helping others realize their dreams is what life is all about. Thanks for your kind words.

  4. Wow, Your book was so amazing, I had to make myself go one maybe two chapters at a time so that I could absorb all that it sparked it me. It was like a great movie you never want to end. I journeyed beside you as your imagery and capacity to portray feelings came alive. Pat I met you at INATS and shared with you my cosmic concert experience. I honestly have only had the courage to share with a few close friends but I could feel how much you understood & appreciated my words. Now I know why! I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to call you and compare notes on crazy occurrences, wild coincidences, and straight up miracles. While reading your book the tables turned, I was Pat and you were Sammy Hagar. And for one example, I did, as I was reading your descriptions on enjoying blues music & guitar, I thought I should just call her and see if she would like to go see Tab Benoit. I turned the page and the very next paragraph there in print among your favorite bands, Tab Benoit! You were just as excited as me when I called. I could go on, and on as I admire your writing style and respect you so much as a trail blazer for all those “housewives” who have been afraid to speak up, step out, and Live YOUR Dreams to the Max.! Also an eyeopening read for any man who would like to understand a woman. As any caring sensitive man will also learn plenty for himself. For anyone who has wondered just what that small coincidence just meant? As we know there is no such thing as meaningless coincidence, there is power in simple serendipity, and miracles in the synchronicity. As my children tell me “Mom the more you pay attention to and notice, the more come”
    Blessings for all good things…

  5. Thanks so much for your wonderful comment, Mickie. I’d like to hear more about how you said “the tables turned” sometime. And yes, this is not just a book for women. Everyone has dreams. It doesn’t matter who or what you are–everyone’s dreams are just as important as everyone else’s. Thanks for acknowledging this. And you are right: there is no such thing as coincidence; we just need to learn to tune in to what our inner and outer worlds are trying to tell us. It’s no secret. Children seem to instinctively know this, as yours have so aptly put it. Thanks for posting. Rock on!

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