“Pat Walker takes to heart the same type of messages I try to relate through my music and my life—go out and seek your dreams, don’t ever give up, celebrate your life and every part of who you are. I know Pat’s journey of mystical transformations will inspire you. Enjoy the journey.”



“Society sells us the idea that we could ever be alone, unworthy, and powerless. Patricia Walker shared those beliefs – until life blasted her free. Her story shows what can happen when you get those beliefs out of your way.”

—FRANK DeMARCO,  Author of The Cosmic Internet


“Pat Walker’s memoir is a joy. It is Eat, Pray, Love for the common woman — you know, the vast majority of us who can’t travel the world because we’re stuck at home, doing laundry and driving kids around. I laughed out loud, but I also discovered that serious transformation can occur when one is open to it. In other words, it gives me hope.”

and Milkweed National Fiction Prize

Dance of the Electric Hummingbird is rich with symbolism, feeling, and message. It’s alive with it. It gave me goosebumps. Some of the scenes just took my breath away. Such a powerful, powerful story. It’s about finding God and we all want that in our lives.”

KRISTIN HUNGENBERG, Certified in Epona: Equine Facilitated Experiential Learning

 “A smoky, crowded bar in Cabo San Lucas, Sammy Hagar and his guitar, and one woman ready to begin her spiritual journey . . . Dance of the Electric Hummingbird is an irresistible combination. A great read.”

PATRICIA STOLTEY, Author of The Prairie Grass Murders
and The Desert Hedge Murders

“I feel like I was meant to read Dance of the Electric Hummingbird. So much to think about, an amazing story, great writing with such a real and lovable and distinct voice and humor. I have about 20 sticky notes with quotes from your book to remind myself about what I need to keep in perspective.”

JENNIFER CARTER, Author and Editor

“I experience an energy to your story that is very catchable. Some things can’t be taught but can be caught. You’re going to help people catch your experience and then catch their own because nobody necessarily taught you how to experience what happened.”

GAYAN GREGORY LONG, Professional drummer