Book Signing in Lake Tahoe!

Dance of the Electric Hummingbird

Please join Patricia Walker, author of Dance of the Electric Hummingbird: An Ordinary Woman’s Accidental Journey to Enlightenment, the Supernatural and Rock Star Sammy Hagar for a book signing event:

Sat., May 5, 2012
noon – 3:00 pm
Marcus Ashley Fine Art Gallery
4000 Lake Tahoe Blvd.
South Lake Tahoe, CA
(530) 544-4278


Dance of the Electric Hummingbird is fully endorsed by Sammy Hagar:

“Pat Walker takes to heart the same type of messages I try to relate through my music and my life–go out and seek your dreams, don’t ever give up, celebrate your life and every part of who you are. I know Pat’s journey of mystical transformations will inspire you. Enjoy the journey.”

–Sammy Hagar

Aaron Hagar, Sammy’s son, did the cover art for this book. And this event will be held at the very place where Aaron often displays his work–the fabulous Marcus Ashley Gallery. Says Pat,

It is truly an honor to have the wonderful people at the Marcus Ashley Gallery host my book signing. I am so excited to be there and grateful for everything they’ve done for me. You couldn’t ask for finer people. Do yourself a favor and check out some of their amazing art while you’re here.

As a way of saying “thank you” to all of you for your support, Pat will be offering a 15% discount off the price of her book and all those who purchase a copy during the event will be entered into a drawing to win Chickenfoot, Van Halen & Sammy-related prizes.

Time permitting, there will be a short talk, a reading of excerpts from the book, followed by a Q & A session.

Also joining Pat and signing books, will be Elizabeth Patterson, author of the fantasy/fiction novel “Bonners Fairy.”

Please stop by and say hello!

Podcast of “Living a Spiritual Life” with Tina Sacchi

Please join international radio show host Tina Sacchi of “Living a Spiritual Life”, tomorrow, April 25, at 5:00 pm PST, as she and Patricia Walker discuss how rock star Sammy Hagar influenced enlightenment in an ordinary woman:

Where will you be when God finds you: a church, a temple, maybe a mosque? How about a rock concert in Mexico? As unlikely as it may seem, this is where Dance of the Electric Hummingbird author Patricia Walker was when divinity presented itself.  Even more unlikely, is the person guiding her through these experiences, former Van Halen front man Sammy Hagar. Patricia was then told by a psychic that she and Sammy Hagar and shared a past life, thus deepening the already interesting connection they had made.

Few people envision spiritual enlightenment against the backdrop of celebrities, sex and rock ‘n’ roll, but as Patricia Walker found out some of the greatest things find you when and where you least expect them.  She walked into a bar in Mexico looking for a good time, a new experience and a few drinks with her husband.  What she ended up finding was her true self and the spirituality that years of searching mainstream religion had not fulfilled.

Says Tina, “This book will speak to your heart and offer you hope that life with all its joys and tragedies is meant to be lived fully, faithfully, and lovingly.”

Listen here: Rockstar Sammy Hagar Influences Enlightenment

or download the show via: and/or iTunes


About Tina:

Tina Sacchi is a Master in Holistic Alternative Arts, which includes Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing (Reiki/Shamanic), Mysticism, Chakra Balancing, Soul Path Guidance, Past Lives Resolve, Raw Food Coaching and Life Event Ceremonies. Visit her for upcoming events and information on her international radio show, Living A Spiritual Life with Tina Sacchi on Here is the link to the radio show        
 Makes a Difference

I wrote DANCE OF THE ELECTRIC HUMMINGBIRD because I wanted to share with the world the incredible things that happened to me, and because I wanted to make a difference in the world, no matter how big or how small. My long-term goal is to contribute a portion of the proceeds from my book to a charity that helps women overcome the effects of abuse and teaches them the skills they need to be happy and successful in their lives.

However, I do not yet have any “proceeds,” so in the meantime, I’ve decided to feature one month of advertising free of charge–on the Baja Rock Pat Makes a Difference page of this website–to products, services or non-profit organizations I feel contribute to the betterment of society. Each business and its logo will also be promoted on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn as well, along with a short description of what they do and how they help make the world a better place.

For consideration or to recommend your favorite organization, please contact me at If your business or product is chosen, I will confirm with you before posting. Thank you. And please remember to “pay it forward” whenever possible and in whichever capacity you are able.

Together, we CAN make a difference.

Podcast of Suzane Northrup Show

4/2/12: Podcast of Suzane Northrup Show

Please join internationally-acclaimed psychic medium Suzane Northrup and her guest Patricia Walker as they discuss how people sometimes become stuck in life and yet, continue to have a sense  that something is missing. What can be done about it?

Suzane and Patricia also discuss the roles that music and rock star Sammy Hagar played in Patricia’s mystical transformation. Says Suzane,

Music does transcend us… it has an effect on the kundalini, a direct effect on the sexual energy… Sammy is heavily, heavily, heavily into energy… he gives people a tremendous sense of the life force.


Listen here:
Suzane Northrup Show

Patricia Walker’s Guest Appearance on Mancow Muller Show

On Tuesday, April 24, 2012, at 6:15 am CST, Patricia Walker, author of “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird” will be a guest on the nationally syndicated radio program hosted by Mancow Muller. This show is ranked the number 4 top radio program in the country, with an average of eleven-twelve million listeners daily. It is heard in over 200 plus markets and segments of the show are often replayed on fox news; cable’s number one news channel.

Previous guests include: Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Sylvester Stallone, Mickey Rourke, Dewayne (The Rock) Johnson, William Shatner, Guy Fieri, Keith Richards, Bret Michaels, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Salt and Pepa, John Mayer, Jamie Foxx, Elton John, Billy Bob Thornton, Armand Assante, Timothy Hutton, Randy Jackson, Monty Python’s Eric Idle and Terry Jones, Christopher Lloyd, Richard Dreyfuss, Tim Conway, Martin Short, Jennifer Beals, George Stephanopoulos, Sally Kellerman, Brian Wilson, Elliott Gould, Bill Cosby, Joan Rivers, Larry King, Jeff Daniels, The Jacksons, Randy Travis, Don Rickles, B-52’s, Damon Wayans, Smashing Pumpkins Billy Corgan & Jimmy Chamberlin, Jon Lovitz, The Tubes, Glen Campbell, Geraldo Rivera, Fran Drescher, Patty Duke, Donna Summer, Dan Rather, Bob Woodward, Barbara Eden, Dan Aykroyd, Perez Hilton, Joe Piscopo, Chuck Norris, Kevin Nealon, Huey Lewis, Ed Begley, Jr., Newt Gingrich, Sam Donaldson, Steven Forbes, Leslie Nielsen, Mike Ditka, Henry Rollins, Cheech & Chong, Marlo Thomas, Roger Moore, Charo, Ben Vereen, David Brenner, Dean Koontz, Riichard Chamberlain, George Wendt, Sinbad, Clive Barker, Bobcat Goldthwait, Aidan Quinn, Graham Parker, Debbie Reynolds, John Stossel, Dave Mason, Stephen J. Cannell, Tia Carrere, Fleetwood Mac’s Mick Fleetwood & Lindsey Buckingham, Hulk Hogan, Teri Garr, Sen. Dan Coats, Larry Miller, Rashida Jones, Peter Fonda, Lily Tomlin, Tony Curtis, Chuck Norris, Dr. Drew Pinsky, Cheap Trick’s Rick Nielson & Robin Zander, Linda Blair, Rick Springfield, Rita Moreno, Ernest Borgnine, Ed Asner, Gene Simmons, Cee Lo.

Please click here to listen live:

Tapping an Unknown Realm – Ghosts (Part 3 of 3)

(Continued from 3/30/12)

As I sat looking through the viewfinder on the camera, it wasn’t long before I saw more orbs of light. I even saw two at once. They bounced in arcs and faded like the lightning bugs I used to see in my uncle’s backyard when I was a kid. Before I could utter a word to describe what I was seeing, Ken suddenly blurted out, “Something just came straight toward us!”

Well, I didn’t see it, but I sure felt it—that overwhelming energy accompanied by a headache that came and went. What I did see though—those orbs of light—were definitely NOT dust particles. They were not insects and they were not refracted light from the camera or from anywhere in the house. They moved in a way that was unlike anything I’d ever seen before—they danced; they sprang up like you see in fast-motion pictures of grass growing or seedlings sprouting out of the earth, then they vanished as quickly as they had come. They were also too large to be dust particles or insects. Besides, one doesn’t normally see flying insects inside someone’s house in Colorado in February.

Not only that, but Ken could not have tricked us or staged any of it because he would not have been able to make me feel what I felt. That was what convinced me most of all.

Afterward, when I thought about it, combined with the physical sensations I had that night, I knew that those bits of light that looked like tiny shooting stars represented the presence of a spirit. How does one process such information? Because that’s what I do as a writer—I process my observations and feelings about those observations. And my headaches and chills subsided pretty much after Ken turned the light back on for good. I was left with a feeling of sheer astonishment. We had tapped an unknown realm.

But Mary Bell did not make me feel threatened in any way. Just to set the record straight though, as Jill and I walked back to my car that night, I turned around and faced the Harmon’s house, and I told Mary Bell how much I appreciated her showing herself to us but to please not follow me home—to please stay with that nice family she lived with. My life was already complicated enough; I didn’t need a ghost to deal with too!

I also realized that I gained what I’d hoped to from the experience—to prove to myself that the feelings I’d been getting all these years, the ones I wrote about in my book, were, in fact, the energies of a spirit trying to communicate with me. And I realized that initiating contact with ghosts was not something I wanted to do with my life. There are plenty of good mediums out there, but it isn’t my path. On the road to self-realization, not only do I have to discover the things that make up the person I call “me,” I also have to come to terms with what ISN’T me. I know that my path involves light—God, love, happiness, positiveness, joy, and putting myself in touch with the spiritual parts of me that are for my highest good and that of others. My life’s purpose is not to help non-living beings find their way to the light. My role is to help living beings find their way!

I also realized that my dear parents who died six years ago—whom I loved with all my heart—were still with me in spirit because spirit is made of energy. We are made of energy and one of the laws of thermodynamics states that energy never dies. It can be transformed into different things, but it cannot be destroyed. Love too, transforms. Love too, never dies and cannot be destroyed. Love is eternal.

Our thoughts are also made of energy, so wherever we focus our thoughts, there will also be our energy. By concentrating on a specific thing, we thereby attract it to us (as I did with this opportunity) and after I returned home that evening, I felt a sort of residue around me. I knew that if I wanted to further entice Mary Bell’s spirit, I could easily have encouraged it to manifest in my life. But I also knew without a doubt that I did not want to bring that ghost toward me, so as I lay in my bed that night, I prayed for God’s protection and for protection from the angels and energies of only the highest vibration and love and light. Then I thanked Mary Bell’s spirit once more for allowing me the incredible opportunity to interact with her, but I also told her in no uncertain terms that she was not to attach to me in any way. And I slept just fine.

The next morning, the residue was gone and I knew that she had respected my wishes. (I’ve since been told that if she would have been an evil entity, she would not have respected my wishes.)

In any case, I was amazed at how easy it was for something like this to get pulled into my life. And when I thought about it, I realized once again, the great power of my mind and spirit. I DO have control of my destiny, just as I do have control of my thoughts.

Perhaps when we ask for things in our lives and they don’t happen the way we think they should or as quickly as we want them to, we give up, or maybe we tell ourselves that it isn’t true that we can attract things to us just by focusing our thoughts on them. But to use my own situation as an example, for several weeks before this event took place, I’d been asking to be introduced to my next teacher—one in the paranormal or supernatural realm that could help me further develop my psychic abilities. I wanted to explore this aspect of my spirituality, to help me gain a better understanding of the unseen world that affects us all. And ha! Look what happened! I truly did not expect my teacher to be a ghost! But I put the intention out there—and sure enough, it did manifest—just not in the way I expected!

So with the power of my mind and spirit, I attracted this experience. And with the power of my mind and spirit, I also set my boundaries with it and learned a lot because of it. What better example of the Law of Attraction? We must never underestimate the power of the mind and spirit, but at the same time, as the saying goes, we must also “Be careful what we wish for!”

A few weeks later, as I sat in my chiropractor’s office waiting for the doctor, I gazed out the window at the pond behind the building. There was a fallen leafless tree partially submerged in the water. All of a sudden, what I thought was part of a branch, shimmied a bit, then disappeared beneath the muddy surface of the water. I knew it had to have been the fin of a fish, because I’d seen large fish in that pond before. And as I watched the rings in the water disperse and the surface become smooth again, I wondered if I had just imagined the whole thing. The more I thought about it (the doctor kept me waiting quite a while that day), the more I found the whole idea amusing. How interesting that what I took at first to be a dead branch because it was so perfectly still, turned out to be part of a fish. And when that fin moved and disappeared beneath the surface, into a world I couldn’t see, it left me wondering if I’d just imagined the whole thing. And I knew that was so very much like life—there is an unseen world out there—and in here—maybe many worlds—and some of us get glimpses of them once in a while, but when we do, perhaps we question whether they ever happened at all because like the depths of that pond, we just can’t comprehend the fact that there really is more to life than what we see on the surface.

So of course, my interaction with the ghost of Mary Bell Wilson begs lots of questions. Like–why is this ghost hanging around Ken and his family? Do all departed souls have the ability to hang out on this earthly plane in spirit form? If so, why do some choose this while others do not? Wouldn’t it be boring just hanging out and observing the living? There must be a more important reason than that. Are there literally millions of spirits surrounding us every day but we just aren’t aware of them? What role does God play in this?

This concludes the three-part series “Tapping an Unknown Realm – Ghosts”. Thank you for tuning in. Please share some of your questions on this topic.






Ken Harmon


A retired Fort Worth Police officer, Kenneth Harmon lives in Fort Collins, CO with his wife, four daughters, and a ghost named Mary Bell. Kenneth loves to write both fiction and non-fiction. He has been a prior finalist for the Pacific Northwest Writer’s Association Zola Award, and has had short fiction published in numerous anthologies and on line. In addition to spending time with family and friends, he enjoys reading, sports, music, and taking long walks along the Poudre River. For more information, please visit  Thank you for your interest.