Reach For It Radio features Patricia Walker

christina winslowA heartfelt THANK YOU to host Christina Winslow, for having me on her show, “Reach For It Radio” last week. We had soooo much fun laughing and talking about out-of-body experiences, enlightenment, rock concerts and Sammy Hagar.

If you missed the live broadcast, you can still listen for free here:

Reach For It Radio on BBS Radio

Reach For It Radio™ is a live weekly broadcast on BBS Radio, hosted by best selling author Christina Calisto Winslow. Tune in every Thursday at 11am PST, 2pm ET, for an enlightening and entertaining hour about life, love, finances, spirituality, health, and business as Christina challenges the status quo. This show is dedicated to assisting listeners to reach higher to attain what they really want out of life. Christina brings no-nonsense and practical tools to her listeners though her interviews with great thinkers, healers, and spiritual teachers of the world combined with her intuitive coaching abilities. Callers will be given the assistance to remove blocks and become empowered to see what is actually possible in their life. Reach For It Radio™ is a catalyst for change and provides new ways for you to reach for the stars!


Radio Show this Thursday, Aug. 27

I’m super excited to be a guest on “Reach For It” radio show with host Christina Winslow, this coming Thursday, Aug. 27 from noon to 1:00 Mountain time. It’s going to be a great show! Hope you’ll tune in!

Reach For It Radio Show on BBS Radio

Podcast of The Law of Distraction and Interruption

3/31/12 and 4/1/12: Podcast of The Law of Distraction and Interruption
Please join host  and guests Patricia Walker, Author of “Dance with the Electric Hummingbird” and Nadine Lajoie, Championship Motorcycle Racer, Speaker and Author on “Spirituality, Money and FEAR”.

Listen here:

Podcast of Transitions to Transformation Part 2

2/17/14: Podcast of Transitions to Transformation with Reverend Sue

Part Two of Rev. Sue’s interview with Writer Patricia Walker as they delve deeper into Patricia’s book “Dance of The Electric Hummingbird”, a story of a profound spiritual awakening with the help of The Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar. 

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Podcast of Your Infinite Possibilities For 2015

Join Host Reverend Sue of Transitions to Transformation Radio and Infinite Possibilities Facilitator Patricia Walker.  See what 2015 has in store for YOU. 

Patricia Walker had an amazing out of body experience and has learned much from the famous Monroe Institute about mind over matter and will share how we all have Infinite Possibilities.

Patricia Walker also is the CIPA EVVY Award-Winning Author of “Dance of The Electric Hummingbird: An Ordinary Woman’s Accidental Journey To Enlightenment, The Supernatural And Rock Star Sammy Hagar” about Patricia’s amazing true story about her out of body experience that led to Rock Star Sammy Hagar , who turned out to be a good friend and musical shaman.

Listen here: Transitions to Transformation Radio

Podcast of Another Reality Show

Host Golden Hawk interviews Patricia Walker on the following topics:

Wandering into a bar in Mexico with her husband, Pat Walker is hoping to enjoy a rock concert by a famous singer previously unknown to her—but something frightening and wonderful happens instead. In the midst of the cheering fans and screaming guitars, she is lifted out of her body and becomes engulfed in a white light and a feeling of ecstasy. She stumbles upon her soul, and God. Soon after this experience, more strange things begin to happen to her—she starts having psychic revelations, glimpses of past lives, and contact with angels and spirits. Fearing the loss of her sanity, Pat’s search for an explanation leads her to international recording star Sammy Hagar (lead singer of Chickenfoot and former lead singer of Van Halen), who takes it upon himself to help her decipher the meaning of these supernatural experiences. In this true story, Pat struggles to maintain her roles of middle-class wife and mom, while simultaneously being thrust into the explosive world of celebrities, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll combined with spiritual dimensions beyond her wildest dreams. All of this forces her to confront the incredible power of her mind and spirit, and to reevaluate her perception of reality and the meaning of life. To learn more go to

Guest Appearance on Transitions to Transformation

Transitions to Transformation Radio host Reverend Sue and Author Patricia Walker, discuss Patricia’s book, Hurricane Odile relief efforts in Baja Mexico and how we can help.

Listen here: Blogtalk Radio

Patricia is donating all proceeds from her book “Dance of the Electric Hummingbird,” her real life story of survival and spiritual awakening thanks to the Red Rocker himself, Sammy Hagar, to the people of Cabo.

To purchase Patricia’s book and help those who lost so much to the recent Hurricane Odile, please click here Thank you.

Podcast of “Illuminate Together”

3/26/14: Podcast of Illuminate Together with host Michelle Spalding

Illuminate Together Radio is a place  where you can learn ideas to help you grow your business in alignment with your personal spiritual beliefs.  Where you can learn from experts, hear their stories and become inspired.  A place where your questions are answered and your opinion counts.  A place where conscious business leaders gather to learn from each other and shine their lights together to change the world for the better.

Few people envision spiritual enlightenment against the backdrop of celebrities, sex, and rock ‘n’ roll, but as Dance of the Electric Hummingbird author Patricia Walker found out, some of the greatest things find you when and where you least expect them.

Listen To Entrepreneur Internet Radio Stations with Michelle Spalding on BlogTalkRadio

Michelle Spalding

Podcast of Patricia’s Interview on The Moore Show

Kevin Moore Kevin Moore

Please join host Kevin Moore as he interviews author Patricia Walker on The Moore Show, broadcast on May 16, 2013.

Details here:

About The Moore Show: Alternative Late Night Talk

Presented by Kevin Moore, The Moore Show – Alternative Late Night Talk provides the platform from which some of the world’s greatest philosophers, paranormal researchers, life coaches, spiritual teachers and authors can communicate their work, research, observations and reflections, and infuse into our common knowledge their understanding of life and the universe.

The Moore Show will be reaching this ever-growing group of people searching for deeper understanding in their life and the universe. The guests invited on the show are experienced individuals renowned in their field, who aspire to empower and teach the viewers/listeners to search for spiritual solutions to their daily living.

In short, The Moore Show offers a safe haven for viewers/listeners tired of the same old political/celebrity/comedy/daytime talk show. Beyond entertainment, The Moore Show is about giving people back to themselves as we explore the positive changes transforming individuals, communities and cultures by starting with ‘me’.

New Interviews Posted

A sincere THANK YOU to Tara Sutphen and Tim Northburg for recently featuring me in their online and podcast interviews. It was an honor and a pleasure to have been invited to do these guest spots with you!

The interview I did on “Transformations with Tara”, with the lovely and talented Tara Sutphen is now available here: Tara and I discuss my unexpected and incredible spiritual awakening and its effects on my life.

I also did a short interview for Tim Northburg’s “Otterocity Blog” here: This blog is dedicated to finding more joy in life, and who can’t use more joy? Tim is also an excellent writer and has several books published. Please visit his website for more information.