What is Hemispheric Synchronization

What is Hemispheric Sychronization?

Hemi-Sync, short for “Hemispheric Synchronization” is the patented audio technology developed by Robert Monroe. It’s based on binaural beats. For instance, with the use of headphones, (or speakers placed a distance apart) a beat of 100 Hz is heard in one ear and a beat of 104 Hz is heard in the other. The brain compensates for the 4 Hz difference and interprets it as a third beat. But this “beat” doesn’t actually “exist”–it’s the mind that created it.

The brain then “follows” this third beat and in doing so, the left and right hemispheres of the brain work together in a state of coherence, thus creating states of consciousness conducive to deep concentration and relaxation, focused attention and other states. According to the TMI website: “Hemi-Sync is said to produce a focused, coherent mind, which is an optimal condition for improving human performance.”

For an introduction to Hemi-Sync and The Monroe Institute, I recommend visiting their website: http://www.monroeinst…. There’s a lot of helpful information there, as well as free audio downloads to help familiarize you with binaural beats (Hemi-Sync), which is what we use in our gatherings/meetings. Free downloads are under the “Home,” then “Resources” tab.

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