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April 11, 2016, 9:30-10:00 AM MT
Guest Appearance on The Dr. Leslie Show 

WSIC 100.7 FM 1400 AM

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April 22-24, 2016:
Exploring the Afterlife Workshop
with Bruce Moen
Fort Collins, CO

bruce moen

Bruce Moen is a lot like you. He’s never had a near-death experience, nor does he claim any special psychic gift or ability. Yet, he’s learned to do some special things. He has freed “lost souls” from their isolated, sometimes terrifying post-death existence; helped them regain free will choice over their own destiny; brought comfort to those left behind when a loved one dies; moved earthbound ghosts to their place in the Afterlife; verifiably explored nonphysical human consciousness and other realities.

Afterlife exploration has profoundly changed his life. It’s taught him what Love is and shown him the purpose of his life. Through this website, his books and tapes, and his workshops, Bruce is sharing a continuing journey of discovery that began in 1992 at The Monroe Institute. It was there he first learned to explore the Afterlife during Lifeline, a program developed by noted out-of-body traveler and author, Robert A. Monroe.

For more information on Bruce and his work, please visit: Afterlife Knowledge

FOR MORE INFORMATION on the workshop, click here:
 Exploring the Afterlife Workshop